Angels Wear Gowns

You can help the fight against Covid-19 by making isolation gowns right in your own home. This is a grass-roots movement that started in Chelsea and that is approved and used by hospitals all across the country.

Angels Wear Gowns was formed out of the growing need for reusable hospital-approved isolation gowns by hospitals, nursing homes, EMS, police, and such. In the last 21 days they have had approximately 150 volunteers in multiple counties, and have donated more than 6,000 gowns to over 35 facilities.

Click here for a news article about Angels Wear Gowns.

Keystone will be a supply pick-up and gown drop-off location for the greater Ann Arbor area. If you would like to participate in help make these no-sew gowns, you’ll only need scissors, a marker, and clips.  Click here for a video on how to make the gowns.  For more information, visit the Angels Wear Gowns Facebook page.

A gown kit includes: a template for cutting the gowns, plastic sheeting to make the gowns, and a roll of duct tape. Each kits makes 24 gowns.

Click here for downloadable instruction sheet.

We also need people to donate supplies. One kit costs about $40 and includes:

  • one roll of plastic sheeting – 10ft x 100ft, 4mil
  • one roll of heavy duty duct tape

Pick-up / drop-off times are Monday – Thursday, 10:00am – Noon at Keystone.

The process is simple, and the outcome is significant! Thank you for helping protect those who protect us!

Drivers Needed!  We need 8-12 people to serve as drivers to deliver supplies from our location or to others.

If you would like to help or would like more information, please complete the form below.

Angels Wear Gowns