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Most people, religious or not, know more about Moses than almost any other character in the Bible outside of Jesus Himself. But most people have either the Hollywood, Cecil B. DeMille version with Charlton Heston in his iconic role or a Sunday School version which doesn’t always give them the whole story. In this series, we want to take a long look at the person credited with writing the first five books of the Bible and one of the main figures on which the Judeo-Christian culture is built. Let’s meet this man called MOSES!

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July 8 – Basket Case – Chris Jarret

July 15 – Called – Josh Fakhoury

July 22 – Holy Moses – Steve Anderson

July 29 – Passover – Josh Fakhoury

August 5 – In The Wilderness – Matthew Roberts

August 12 – No One Stand Alone – Ken Gilmore

August 19 – Moses and the Three Waters – Ken Gilmore