I Believe In God But….


According to the polls 89% of Americans believe in God. Belief in God is found in every culture that has ever existed. Even in cultures that strove to be fully atheistic in their makeup, like Communist Russia during the second half of the last century were not able to remove belief in God. Half of Rrussians now say they believe there is a God. Belief in God is persistent in humanity but is belief in God enough? There are plenty of options out there when it comes to describing this “god” that so many people believe exists.  When it comes to the God of the Bible, who revealed Himself to us, we face some unique challenges and some questions. Yes, we believe in God but….  Join us for a four-part series where we tackle some of the honest questions we have about this God we believe is out there.

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March 4 – I Believe In God But Is That Enough?

March 11 – I Believe In God But What If I Don’t Really Trust Him?

March 18 – I Believe In God But What If I Don’t Agree With Him?

March 25 – I Believe In God But Do I Have To Go Overboard?