The 4

While Jesus was walking this earth, He specifically invited people to be His disciples by simply inviting them to “Follow”.  And follow is exactly what they did.  They followed Him from place to place. They followed Him to unexpected parties with unusual guest lists. They followed Him into danger and the unknown.  They followed Him to places where miracles would take place and crowds would cheer.  They followed Him even when what He taught inspired them, challenged them and even confused them. If we want to follow Jesus today, what does that look like? How do you follow a person who ascended into heaven? What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus right now? At Keystone, we think it boils down to 4 things.  Join us for a great series on what we simply call – THE FOUR

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MAY 6 – GROW – Ken Gilmore

MAY 13 – CONNECT – Ken Gilmore

MAY 20 – REACH – Mick Veach (Pastor of Mosaic Church of Detroit)

MAY 27 – SHARE – Ken Gilmore