Bible Dare

Keystone bible study graphic, we dare you to read

“You looking at me? You looking at me? I dare you to look at me!” If the Bible could talk, I think it might say this, with the Robert De Niro accent and all. Whether you are a Christian, someone checking into Christian beliefs or someone who just happened to open this page: We Dare You To Read The Bible. We triple-dog dare you! Why? Because we believe that the Bible contains God’s message to each and every one of us. The Bible contains wisdom, guidance, instructions, history and most importantly, His Story.

This page was created to challenge you and provide a way for everyone to start reading the Bible. Here are some links to places that can help get you started. We dare you!

Where Do I Start?

You have to have a Bible to read a Bible. You can purchase an actual paper Bible online through or We recommend the following translations:

  • NIV Bible (New International Version)
  • NASB (New American Standard Bible)
  • NET Bible (New English Translation)

You can also purchase these versions for your smart phones, iPods/iPads, tablets or kindle devices. Bible Gateway,, offers a variety of different Bibles with the translations we recommend.

Bible Apps

If you have a smart mobile device, make it even smarter by loading a Bible! Put God’s Word in the palm of your hand. Here are some great options:

These are excellent apps and offer ways for you to highlight and bookmark certain passages or verses. Most can be used even if you are not connected to WiFi or data.

Reading Plans

Failing to plan is planning to fail! All of us want to read the Bible more and some of us even have this crazy idea of reading it ALL! So how do we get started. Here are some reading plans to check out.

  • Keystone Facebook Group – If you are on Facebook you can join our group “God’s Word With Friends.” Ask to join the group and you will find a 12-month reading plan, with weekly scripture postings. When you have finished the reading you can “Like” the post and there is also an opportunity to comment or ask a question.
  • A Proverb A Day Keeps Foolishness At Bay – 
If you read a chapter in the book of Proverbs every day you will read the entire book in 31 days.
  • The One Year Bible gives you a great way to customize a reading plan so you can read the whole Bible in one year.
  • has an entire page dedicated to Reading Plans. You can read the Bible in Chronological order; the Bible in 90 days (WOW); The Gospels in 40 Days (SWEET); the whole New Testament in a year and so on.
  • Another great site is, which isn’t as cool or slick when it comes to graphics but has some great plans and a way to have them emailed to you each and every day. NICE!