If you missed Christmas Eve, you can still catch a glimpse of the experience through the video posted below.


Christmas Eve Offering

Christmas is an amazing season of giving and since our Christmas Eve services are the highest attended worship experiences throughout the year we thought, what a great night to take an offering. That sounds like church, right? But this offering is very different because when it comes to our Christmas Eve offering, we turn around and give every last dollar away. Our church and community benefit from the work of great organizations around us and we want to bless them this Christmas. This year our Christmas Eve Offering will be going to two different organizations, one near and 0ne far. The near organization is Hope Clinic in Ypsilanti. You can learn more about them by clicking HERE. The other organization is the Samaritan Children Home in Bangladesh that helps serve orphans, street children and other children in need. You can learn more about them HERE. We are excited to be a part of blessing these deserving organizations this Christmas. We are excited to share that we collected over $40,000 to share with these great organizations on Christmas Eve! Thank you so much for your generosity.

What About After Christmas Eve?

We will not be having our regular Sunday morning services on Christmas Eve (due to the schedule of service in the afternoon). Also, on the final Sunday of the calendar year, Keystone is closed. CLOSED? No Church on December 31st! Why would a church close? The reason we close is so that our entire team of volunteers (hundreds that serve each and every week) can have a holiday Sunday off to spend however they like. But we will be back to our normal Sunday schedule on January 7th.

If you cannot make it to Christmas Eve but you would like to check out Keystone, please look around our website. Also, we will be starting a great new sermon series in January called “How To Get What You Really Want”. What do you want in 2018? Is it a what? Is it a who? Are you sure it is what or who you really want? Let’s figure it out together.