About ECHO

ECHO Student Ministry is a place where 6th-12th grade students will experience community with their peers, mentorship from incredible adult leaders, and messages and teachings that will inspire genuine life change. There will be opportunities to engage in bible studies, attend exciting group events, and participate in camps and retreats.


To see a generation of students established in TRUTH and influenced by GRACE (2 Peter 1:9) so that they are LIGHT shining in the darkness (2 Peter 1:19)


To love and lead students in an intimate and maturing relationship with God.


ECHO: Ascent – Middle School and High School large groups

ECHO: Ascend – Service and community outreach team. More information to come January 2021.

ECHO: Worship Outside the Box (WOB)

ECHO: Ascent

ECHO: Ascent would be what you think of when you think about “youth group.” Friendships will be formed, there will be musical worship, relatable teachings, and small group discussions. There will be monthly connection events for fellowship, fun, and food (The 3 Fs of youth groups).

ECHO: Ascent Middle School

ECHO: Ascent MS will meet on Sunday mornings during the 9:00am and 10:30am experiences. A zoom option for students wanting to attend online is offered at 10:30am (see zoom link below).

Updated COVID-19 procedure is as follows:

  • Returning students will walk up the outside stairs leading to the attic (if you are a new student, feel free to enter through the main lobby). For those engaging in the 10:30am zoom, the lesson will be livestreamed, and a leader will be specifically engaging online students
  • Once in the attic, students will engage in a 40-45-minute lesson plan with peers and leaders
  • After the lesson, students will be guided downstairs into the main auditorium for in worship. They can choose to sit by their family or sit/stand in the back with peers.
  • Students are required to be masked at all times
  • ECHO: MS 10:30am Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84547888939

ECHO: Ascent High School

ECHO: Ascent HS meet Sunday nights. Doors open at 5pm for games and connection. Lesson, small group, and worship to take place 6pm-8pm (live streamed on the “Echo Student Ministry” Facebook page). Parents of high schoolers are welcome as there is a parent group offered. Parents listen and dialog in synchronous to the livestreamed message (6pm-8pm).

To participate in Sunday night livestream (6pm-8pm), please visit the “Echo Student Ministry” Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/echokeystone

ECHO: Worship Outside the Box (WOB)

We are made to worship God. In Christian faith, adoration and praise is exclusively expressed through musical worship – a pathway that unites and excites The Church! However, worship is more than just the words we sing – it is a lifestyle. Worship Outside the Box (WOB), focuses specifically on this aspect of Christian formation. WOB seeks to deconstruct our lives in order to construct sustainable habits of life-worship. The construction of our mind and habits must remain obedient to God’s word and Character. Students will learn to posture their lives in intellect, prayer, relationship, fasting, word, and action. Overtime, it is our prayer that “Worship Outside the Box” might not be as “Outside the Box” in the maturing of faith.

WOB will be offered as Wednesday night programing for MS & HS. Scheduling for MS & HS WOB coming soon.

The Attic

The ECHO Student Ministry main room located upstairs at the south end of Keystone Church.

For all of our middle & high school students we are focusing on training them to grow and develop their own faith through discipleship methods that will lead to a lasting and contagious faith.

One way we want to partner with you to provide an atmosphere of discipleship in your home is to provide some great resources you can do together. Check out the daily devotionals below and start walking with your students today!

• Radical Lives       • Faith and Fear

ECHO: Ascent Middle School Schedule 2020-2010

ECHO: Ascent High School Schedule 2020-2021

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