On February 1st Keystone launched a 7-week series called The Daniel Plan. The Daniel Plan is a 40 day program designed to help bring health into your every day life with practical tools and resources.

But this isn’t just some diet or exercise program, although what we eat and how we move are pretty important. The difference with The Daniel Plan is that it focuses not just on two aspects of our physical well being, but our whole being. This plan is framed around five life essentials: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends. When we make healthy choices and take positive steps in these five areas combined, we begin a more fulfilling journey to a healthier life than we ever thought possible.


Download and take The Daniel Plan Essentials Survey

How Do I Get Started?

1 – PRAY! God responds when we pray. Ask God to speak to you and help you discover His plans for your life through this series. Ask Him to show you where you need to take steps and ask Him to empower you to take those steps.

2. READ! – Please purchase The Daniel Plan materials (at a significant discount) at The Daniel Plan Resource table in the lobby. The Daniel Plan book is $10 and can also be found as a digital book online here


3. CONNECT – Although sign-up for a Daniel Plan group has closed, we would still encourage you to connect with someone else who can join you in The Daniel Plan study. Maybe your spouse, a co-worker for a friend would be available to connect with about what you are learning and what steps you feel God is leading you to take. We are not meant to do this alone and having another person to encourage you, pray for you and help you is essential. Join our facebook group to connect with others doing The Daniel Plan.

4. Attend Each Week – They material that the small groups will be discussing will coordinate with what is being shared during the message times on Sunday. So don’t miss a week. If you do miss a week, feel free to visit the current series page or message archives to catch up.

  • Feb 1st – Introduction
  • Feb 8th – Faith: Nurturing Your Soul
  • Feb 15th – Food: Enjoying God’s Abundance
  • Feb 22nd – Fitness: Strengthening Your Body
  • Mar 1st – Focus: Renewing Your Mind
  • Mar 8th – Friends: Encouraging Each Other
  • Mar 15th – Follow-Through: Living the Lifestyle

Taking A Walk To Nicaragua

The Daniel Plan encourages everyone to begin to move a bit more. We thought it would be fun to begin to measure our movement as a church and see how many steps we can take in during the six weeks we’ll be going through The Daniel Plan. Our hope is to make it to Nicaragua and back (6,670 miles or 13,340,000 steps). How many times can we make it to Nicaragua and back in 42 days? Add your steps to the total below. If you are in a group, someone from your group should add your total group steps each week. If you are not in a group you can add your steps as an individual.

Daniel Plan Study Group Participant - Step Tracker
Individual and Family - Step Tracker

Additional Resources

The Daniel Plan was created by Pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback Community Church and a host of experts in the field of health and fitness. A number of helpful tools can be found on their website – www.danielplan.com  Clicking on these links will open a new tab or window in your browser.

Webpages devoted to the Five Life Essentialsdanielplan-square

Create an online health profile and track your progress. – HERE

The Daniel Plan Cookbook – HERE

The Daniel Plan Journal – HERE