As we continue a new week of daily prayer, I’dl like us to broaden our prayer time a bit more. Praying that God’s Kingdom would come and His will be done is not only a point of personal prayer but also a corporate one. Don’t forget that the Lord’s Prayer is plural in form, “Our/Us” is found throughout. We can and should personalize this model for prayer, but we must also pray in a way that retains its corporate nature.

With that in mind, I would challenge you to pray for others and for the Kingdom of God to come, and His will to be done in their lives. As you do this, do so with concentric circles in mind.

Inner Circle – Pray for God to assume the throne of your life. Pray for all those ways you tray to sneak back on that throne or look to make God your co-pilot instead of The Pilot!

Layer Two – Pray for God’s Kingdom to come, and His will to be done in the life of your household or family. This can be easy if you have close relationships with your family, but it can be more difficult if those relationships are strained or distant. Asking family members how you can be praying for them not only gives you items to pray for but also lets them know they are included in your prayers.

Layer Three – Pray for your Church Family. The Church is supposed to be a blessed and blessing community. As Jesus says in Matthew 5, we are to be Salt & Light in our world. Lifting up your brothers and sisters in Christ to fulfill God’s purposes in our world is critical, especially during times of such division and danger. The Church is to be a corporate, Kingdom bringing, God’s will following community. Pray that it would be so.

Layer Four – Our Community leaders, and neighbors. Our State leaders, and citizens. Our National leaders and citizens.

Layer Five – The world. God loves the world. As followers of Jesus, our focus needs to be on loving well the next person we meet and loving and praying for those we may never meet. That may sound overwhelming, but when you remember that you are praying for God’s Kingdom to come, and His will to be done, it makes it a bit more focused.

We’ll cover each layer in more detail as the week unfolds, but this is the model we will be following. Don’t over-complicate it. If you are not sure what to pray, simply pray for God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done, but specify each area. We are praying for ourselves and others. You will be amazed at how God will lead you to expand your prayers as you include these different spheres.