As we continue to day three of our forty days fo prayer I hope you are starting to feel a different rhythm to your prayer time. If like me, you have a little trouble remind yourself to do something, you can either set a digital reminder (on your phone, digital watch, or computer). If you are a bit more low-tech in your approach to these things, consider putting a post-it note on your tv remote or door handle to remind yourself to pray twice today. I heard of one person who put a rock on their pillow that they would remove at night (as a reminder to pray before bed) and would put it in their shoe so they would be reminded to pray before they started their day. The rock would go back on the pillow and the cycle repeated itself. I’m not sure what you may want to do but do something so that you don’t forget or get distracted from taking the time to pray twice-a-day.
As you pray the Lord’s Prayer each day, sometimes seeing it written differently can help keep your mind from wandering off. One of our amazing UpStreet volunteers once rewrote the prayer for his 1st & 2nd graders in hopes that it would help connect with them a bit differently. He said it may have impacted him more than it did them. Here is what he wrote:
Our Father in heaven,
May Your Name be very special to us.
May You come back to earth soon.
May we obey everything You say as we’re here on earth,
Just as already is being done in heaven.
Please give us just what we need today.
Please forgive us for the wrong things we’ve done,
And help us to forgive other people when they do wrong things to us.
Please help us not to give in when we want to do bad things,
But protect us from doing them in the first place.
We’re asking You these things because
Everything belongs to You,
You have power over everything,
And You always deserve the credit for every good thing!
The part that stuck out to me was the line: “Please give us what we need today.” As a future oriented culture, we always think about tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. We are a “next” kind of people. But what about this day, today? What do you need today? Most of us are not praying for the food we are going to eat today because we have a month’s worth of food in our kitchen (even if some of it is less tasty than the stuff we prefer). Maybe what we need is an awareness of our blessings. Maybe we need to be reminded that just as God shares so much with us that we have enough to share with others. And by others, I mean those who are praying for daily bread who’s pantry is empty. Maybe what we need is a stronger desire to pray. Maybe it is God’s help with a difficult relationship. I don’t know what your need may be but God does. How can you specifically pray for at least one need you have?
What part of the Lord’s Prayer rewritten stands out to you? Pray about it!