Corrie Ten Boom was a part of a Christian family in the Netherlands who helped to hide Jews from the Nazis after they invaded and occupied their country in 1940. Her family was ultimately betrayed by an informant and they were arrested. She was sent to a labor camp and due to clerical error, nine months later, she was released, only to learn that a week later, all the women in her age group were sent to the gas chamber. You can find the story of her life in the book she authored called The Hiding Place.  I highly recommend you take the time to read it.

Years after the war had ended, she became a popular and notable Christian teacher and speaker. On one occasion when she was preaching in Munich she was approached by a man she immediately recognized as one of the cruelest guards in her labor camp. She was then confronted with the challenge of forgiveness that most of us will never have to face. I’m including an excerpted recording of a sermon she gave describing this event. It has always been a powerful example of the conflict we all face when trying to forgive.