The 4

Our mission as a church is to love and lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. But what does it mean to have a growing relationship with Jesus?

While Jesus was walking this earth, He specifically called people to be His disciples by simply inviting them to “Follow.” If we want to follow Jesus today, what does that look like?  At Keystone, we think it boils down to The 4.


If you call yourself a Christian, you have an influence on those who don’t make that claim.  The question is are you a positive or a negative influence? We want you to be a positive influence. This means regularly investing in the lives of unbelievers, extending invitations for them to talk about faith or even coming to church with you, and learning how to share your faith in practical and helpful ways. Who have you invested in and invited recently? If you cannot think of anyone, here are some ways to get started.

  1. Pray for God to bring people into your path that you can invest in.
  2. Serve people around you in small and even big ways. Do more and go the extra mile in their lives.
  3. Talk about faith in a comfortable and casual way. If something impacted you from a Sunday worship experience or a small group discussion, talk about it. Don’t be intimidated; just be authentic and real in your conversations about faith. We believe everyone wants to be connected to their heavenly Father. Your simple conversation may help them realize it can be a reality for them.
  4. Extend an invitation – simply invite them to come and visit Keystone Church. Invite them to lunch afterward or coffee beforehand.


You were designed to grow best in the context of community with others who are growing as well. We were not only created by God for God but we were also created for each other. Helping you build a stronger connection with other believers is at the heart of what we do at Keystone and is key to your continued growth in Christ. If you are not in a small group, we highly encourage you to take that step, not only for your own spiritual benefit but for the benefit of believers around you. If you are new to Keystone, we encourage you to jump into one of our upcoming connection events. If you are not a believer or are just getting started in your walk with God, we encourage you to begin your journey with Starting Point. Some other “connect” opportunities include…

  1. Attending a Back Stage Pass Tour, GroupLink or a Keystone event outside of our Sunday morning worship experiences. View our Keystone Calendar for information on upcoming events.
  2. Sign up to volunteer on a strategic service team.
  3. Join a Spiritual Growth Journey class like Starting Point, GraceWalk or Financial Peace University.
  4. Engage in GroupLife and join a small group that meets on an ongoing basis. We offer groups for men, women, young adults, couples, moms of children with special needs (Limitless), and Mothers of PreSchoolers (MOPS).
reach, connect, grow, share


You were created by your Heavenly Father so that you could have a growing relationship with Him. God does not want you to call Him “Heavenly Father” simply as a title, He truly wants you to engage with Him as you would a father, but just the most loving and powerful Father that has ever been. God is ultimately the one who helps you grow in your confidence and faith in Him but you have a large part to play in setting the conditions for this growth. Part of this conditioning is…

  1. Attending worship services on a regular basis.
  2. Reading the Bible. Find Keystone’s Words with Friends Bible study group on Facebook.
  3. Spend time in Prayer. Watch the Red Letter Prayers sermon series from February 2013. If you have a prayer need, fill out a prayer request form.
  4. Everyone has a starting point. The Starting Point Group is just that – a great place for people with questions about the faith to get started, as well as for those that want to learn more about the Bible and Christianity. Learn more about Starting Point.
  5. Place your trust in Christ completely for your salvation.
  6. Take the step of Baptism. As you obey God’s command, you develop deeper levels of intimacy with Him.


Why has the most enduring symbol of Christianity for the past 2,000 years been the cross? Because the cross powerfully symbolizes Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for us. If we claim to follow and emulate someone who is known for His sacrifice, doesn’t it make sense that we would be known for our willingness to sacrifice? At Keystone, we want to provide opportunities for you to surrender and sacrifice for the sake of others. These opportunities arise in small ways and big ways, but always we will challenge you to follow the example of Christ and learn how to prioritize your life for His sake and the sake of the world.

We encourage you to share your time, talents and treasure.  Each of us desires to live for something greater than ourselves but this doesn’t happen without intentionality. We challenge you to make time to serve those around you and to be generous with your financial resources, not only for the work of the church but for your neighbors as well.  By blessing others we find that what Jesus said is true: “It is better to give than to receive.”

  1. Think about ways to serve those around you – at work, at home, at school, at the store, in the park, wherever. Begin to view the world as a place where you can make a difference by finding small acts of service and kindness to share with others.
  2. Serve at Keystone. Find a place to serve and begin to use the hands God gave you to serve the church.
  3. Give at Keystone. Being generous is a command for Christians and begins by taking the step of giving to the work of God in our world through the local church. We encourage you to give regularly, sacrificially and joyfully. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21