Applying the Truths of the Bible to Our Lives

The message portion of the Keystone Church experience is aimed at helping us apply the truth of the Bible to our lives. We believe you shouldn’t have to disconnect from the things you enjoy, your intellect or your sense of humor, just because you are in church. View our current message series here or view an earlier series from our Message Archives.

Keynotes are our weekly Sunday morning bulletin and announcements. To download the latest editions, click below.

Keynotes – June 16, 2019

Keynotes – June 9, 2019

Current Series – God’s Library

The Bible is more than just a good book. The Bible we hold in our hands today is a portable library of 66 books.
The books in this library were written by 40 different authors, ranging from shepherds, farmers, kings, prophets, fisherman, a tax collector and even a doctor. They were written over the course of 2,000 years, in different languages, cultures and include different genres like historical narratives, songs, letters, biographies, legal documents, parables, poetry and even visions of the future.

With over 6 billion copies in print, it is one of the oldest writings in history and one of the most attested books ever composed. It has influenced cultures all around the world impacting language, education, laws, politics, and the arts. From Genesis to Revelation it is a faithful declaration of the nature and character of God. It has inspired movements, changed lives and carries the greatest message the world has ever heard. It is the Bible and it is more than just a good book. It is God’s Library!

June 9 – DING – Ken Gilmore

Things Jesus Never Said

May 5 – God Will Never Give You More Than You Can Handle – Ken Gilmore

May 12 – You Don’t Need to Forgive Them – Josh Fakhoury

May 19 – What You Believe Matters More Than What You Do – Ken Gilmore

June 2 – Graduation Sunday – Ken Gilmore

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