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Each member of our Guest Services team plays a vital role in making Keystone a warm, welcoming, and hospitable place. Our team includes door greeters, lobby greeters, refreshment prepares, parking crew, baptism & dedication hosts, and more. Our mission is to love and lead people in a growing relationship with Christ by helping guests feel welcomed and comfortable at Keystone.

This pdf gives an overview of of our Guest Services team roles and responsibilities (and a few dos and don’ts): Guest Services Overview.

If you are interested in joining our team, please complete the form below and indicate your serving preferences. Please feel free to use the comment box to let us know of any special requests or scheduling issues you may have.

To download a printable pdf of the application form, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Chris.

Guest Services Team Application

Please pick the jobs in which you would like to serve and the times you would be available to serve. Feel free to pick as many as apply.

Greet people as they drive onto the property. Smile, wave, make eye contact. Direct new guests to special parking spaces. Greet guests, answer questions, and walk them to a front door greeter. Help people find parking spaces.
Outside Door Greeter – Greet people at the main front doors as they arrive at Keystone. Smile, welcome people, hold the door for them as they enter. After each experience, return to the entrance to hold the door as people exit and greet them as they go.
Waumba Land Door Greeter – Greet parents and children at the Waumba Land outside door as they arrive at Keystone. Be sure to greet the parents and children with enthusiasm! Hold the door for families – many of them arrive with arms full.
Guest Services Desk – Answer questions and provide information with a smile. Direct people to the different ministry areas of the church. Help people sign-up for events and serving opportunities. Greet guests warmly and offer any assistance they might need.
Lobby Greeter – Greet people as they enter the building. Smile and be proactive in welcoming people (don’t wait for them to greet you, greet them first). Look for people who are new or look lost. Ask how you can help them, and escort people to where they need to be. After the experience starts, help people find seats in the auditorium.
Auditorium Greeter – Greet people and hand out Keynotes as people enter the auditorium. Point people towards open seats. After the experience starts, move to the side doors to greet late arrivers. Open auditorium doors at the end of the experience and collect communion cups as people exit on communion Sundays.
Refreshment Preparer – Prepare coffee and lemonade, and set up the refreshment counter before first experience. Monitor, refresh, and clean the refreshment area throughout the morning. At the end of the morning, put away items from the refreshment table and clean and put away all coffee and lemonade equipment.
Baptism/Dedication Host – When a person is baptized or a baby dedicated, you will help to host the candidate and family. You will show them where they need to be, escort the family to where seating has been reserved, and stay with the baptism candidates backstage before they are baptized.
The Safety Team helps provide a healthy, peaceful, and safe environment on Sunday mornings. Safety Team roles included Medical and Security. Both roles require specialized training or approval. Please ask for more details.
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