About GroupLife

GroupLife – the place to build meaningful friendships. Small groups are groups of eight to ten individuals or four to six married couples that meet regularly in someone’s home to share their lives and take steps to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

We offer small groups for married couples, men, women, college men, college women, and parents of typical children as well as children with special needs. We believe that small groups are the place where sustained life change occurs. Groups are where real life and real issues are discussed. This is the environment where we celebrate the successes of life, as well as comfort one another during the disappointing times. It is a place to be encouraged and equipped to live in the way of Jesus.

Each community group decides when and where it wants to meet. Most groups meet in the homes of the members on a weekly basis. Each group commits initially for eight weeks. At the end of this time, the group can decide to continue as a community group and extend their commitment for 18 to 24 months, or they can begin the process again.

How to Get Started

GroupLink events are held two to three times per year and are a place to learn about and plug into a GroupLife small group. You will meet and connect with others in your area of town or season of life to start a new group or join an existing group.

Get started by completing the registration form at the link below. If your registration is received between GroupLink events, our GroupLife team will be in touch with you to try to connect you with a group as soon as possible.

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