A series that has been three years in the making. An opportunity to be reminded why we exist to begin with. A chance to consider where God is taking us in the future. A moment to consider how we can reorient our hearts to align with the heart of God. And a time for us to ask how God would have us be involved in something bigger than ourselves. Join us as we look at the story of Nehemiah and how God uses willing hearts and hands to change the world.

February 3  – The Why Behind The What | Ken Gilmore

Sermon Only

Full Service

February 10 – The How Behind The What | Ken Gilmore

Sermon Only

February 17 – These Three | Ken Gilmore

Sermon Only

February 24 – Open Hearts & Open Hands | Ken Gilmore

March 3 – Equal Sacrifice | Ken Gilmore

March 10 – Ten Years From Now | Ken Gilmore

*For more information about our ReOrient campaign, please visit our ReOrient page.

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