Learn – Know – Follow – Grow

As an adult at Keystone, you may be wondering what to expect and what is expected of you? Is there something else beyond Sunday morning worship services? Yes there is!

Our mission as a church is to love and lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We are not here to simply help people grow in their knowledge of certain beliefs about God or grow in familiarity with particular religious rituals or systems. We believe that God desires a relationship with us in which we can truly call Him “Heavenly Father.” If that is what God is offering, why wouldn’t we want to pursue that kind of relationship with Him? The question is, HOW?

Jesus told his first followers to “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Mathew 28:19-20). That is exactly what they did. The very fact that Jesus spoke these words thousands of years ago on the other side of the world, and we are still talking about Him and His words in Michigan shows that His disciples took that command seriously. So do we.

A disciple is the Bible’s term for a learner or a follower. The church exists as a place where disciples lead other disciples as we all follow Jesus. A lot of people listened to Jesus, and enjoyed the benefits of His presence and His miracles, but not everyone made the choice to become a disciple and follower of Jesus. At Keystone, we want to be a place where you can listen and learn about God, Jesus and the Bible. If you are ever ready to begin following Jesus, we want to also help you learn what following looks like. We don’t expect you to commit to following before you are ready, but we want to help you get ready.

So come and listen. Learn what Jesus has to say. Watch how he lived. See how we follow Him. You just might discover that you want to be a follower of Jesus as well. Our hope is that you will learn and know so that you can follow and grow!

Here are some resources to help you get started: