Learn – Know – Follow – Grow

As an adult at Keystone, you may be wondering what to expect and what is expected of you? Is there something else beyond Sunday morning worship services? Yes there is!

Our mission as a church is to love and lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether you are taking your first steps with Jesus, or you have been walking with him for many years we want to help you on your journey.  So how does that happen?  There are several avenues you can take to grow in your relationship with Jesus…

Join an adult small group.

Sitting in a row on Sunday morning is a good way to grow spiritually, but we think there is something even better:  getting in a circle of people who meet regularly to encourage each other, study the Bible together, pray for each other, and build great friendships.  Small groups are where that happens.  Learn more about small groups.

Take the next step in your Spiritual Growth Journey.

We offer a variety of classes to help you grow in your walk with Jesus, to help you become a disciple.  We call these classes our Spiritual Growth Journey (SGJ).  A “disciple” is the Bible’s term for a learner or a follower, and we want to hep you learn what following looks like.  SGJ classes cover a variety of topics from how to read and study the Bible to how to share your faith in a comfortable and natural way, and are offered at different times throughout the year.  Learn more about the Spiritual Growth Journey classes.

Serve in a ministry.

One of the best ways to connect and grow spiritually is to serve in a ministry.  It is amazing what God does in us when we share our gifts and talents to help and serve others.  We take into account your interests, passion, style, gifts, talents and availability so that you can serve in a way that is a great fit for you.  We consider the right people, in the right place, for the right reason, at the right time a big win!  Learn more about serving opportunities at Keystone.