The following Community Groups, agencies or ministries are supported financially by Keystone Church. They depend upon our resources to do works that they are uniquely established and organized to provide. Your generosity helps fuel their efforts to meet needs and reach others for Jesus Christ. For specific volunteer needs with these organizations, please contact these organizations directly.

Keystone also actively serves with many local missions. If you would like to get involved and join with Keystone in serving our local community, check out our Keystone Cares web page.

Pastor Ken Gilmore & Mayor Brian Marl, Keystone Contribution to Saline Addiction Prevention Task Force

Saline Addiction Prevention Task Force

Keystone Church has joined in the battle against substance abuse in our area. Overcoming the challenge of substance abuse in our community cannot occur by the effort of any one institution or organization alone. However, when government, community and religious groups act in partnership with each other to tackle challenges, change can and will take place. The Task Force formed to help educate our community on the warning signs and dangers of substance abuse and addiction, and to help identify and make accessible local resources for individuals and families in need. Keystone is committed to providing financial and other support to the Saline Addiction Prevention Task Force as they develop partnerships across our community to produce change.

logo for athletes in action, one of Keystone's local missions

Athletes in Action

Athletes in Action connects with students at college to see lives changed. They strive to see Christ-followers on every team, every sport and every nation, using the platform of sports so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. They connect with athletes and help them take their passion, faith and sport to new places; equip athletes to become servant-leaders; teach them to play for an audience of one; give new meaning to being a missionary; and help professionals use their influence to share the gospel. Find out more.

logo for hope clinic, one of Keystone's local missions

Hope Clinic

Hope Clinic is an interdenominational Christian organization that provides compassionate and practical help to those in need, ministering to the whole person with dignity and respect. They provide a wide range of social services to low-income children and adults without medical insurance. They run medical clinics in Ypsilanti and Wayne and a dental clinic. They also provide hot meals and groceries. Find out more.

logo for His House Christian Fellowship, a local Keystone mission

His House

His House Christian Fellowship is a ministry that reaches out to college and university students with the story of Jesus Christ. Currently, 12 Michigan colleges and universities have ministries. Since its inception in 1969, His House has maintained a goal to raise up students who are wise enough to seek Him, tender enough to love those around them, strong enough to influence nations, and excited enough to change history. Find out more.

doctor at patient's bedside, holding hands

At My Bedside

At My Bedside was established to provide an immediate financial resource to low-income parents whose child is hospitalized for an extended period. At My Bedside was started in 2012 with the idea of using funds to provide immediate assistance via gift cards (grocery, gas, etc.) to families in this situation as well as helping to subsidize overnight stays for parents. Every Parent Deserves to be At Their Child’s Bedside. Find out more.

logo for Careers Through Faith, a local Keystone mission

Careers Through Faith

CTF operates as a non-profit ministry to help people discover how to productively integrate their career, faith, and life. They offer practical job coaching and career discernment from a faith-based perspective through workshops, webinars, one-to-one job coaching and resource material. They strive to help people get a job, which brings meaning and purpose into their life, and enables them to achieve their mission using their God-given talents. CTF founder Nick Synko is a nationally recognized career transition expert. Keystone provides scholarships for these services. Find out more.