To-Go Kits: Wrap Disposable Silverware Sets

Seven days a week, Hope Clinic volunteers use Hope’s kitchen to make about 75 servings of carryout food for those in need. Each meal comes with a disposable silverware set including a fork, knife, spoon and napkin. You can help us out by putting together these sets by yourself, with your family, or in a group! Note: Hope is trying to move to compostable carryout containers and cutlery. We have provided compostable sets and if you would like to order more and do this project from home or continue serving in this way, there are links provided below to order more compostable silverware.
Step One—Wash your hands and disinfect/clean your workspace
Step Two— Write a prayer, encouragement, or favorite Bible verse on the self sealing napkin strap. Make sure the small adhesive side is facing up.
Step Three—Assemble the Silverware Sets
  1. Place a set of cutlery diagonally on the napkin, leaving about a third of the napkin showing at the bottom. Fold the bottom corner over the cutlery.
  2. Fold the left side of the napkin over the cutlery.
  3. Fold the right side of the napkin over the cutlery; tuck under.
  4. Secure the bundle about halfway down with napkin strap.
Step Four—Pray over your completed silverware bundles.
Step FiveDrop off to Keystone Church by October 10.
Or deliver to Hope Clinic during their drop off hours

For other volunteering opportunities with Hope Clinic visit

To order compostable sets to make at home visit Amazon here