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After participating in our membership class, if it is your desire to become a member of Keystone Church and by association, The Wesleyan Church International, please take a moment to complete this membership application form. Being a member of a church is the blessed privilege of every believer in Christ and we are honored that you wish to be members within our church family.

As you complete this application, please be sure to be thorough in your answers. If more space is needed, feel free to add more pages. If at any point you have a question or are uncomfortable providing a response, please contact Pastor Ken Gilmore ( and he would be happy to discuss your concerns. The information provided in this application will only be seen by Pastor Ken and the Keystone Leadership Team, who are appointed to approve members.

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We believe in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ the Son suffered in our place on the cross, that He died but rose again, that He now sits at the Father’s right hand until He returns to judge every person at the last day.

We believe in the Holy Scriptures as the inspired and inerrant Word of God.

We believe that by the grace of God every person has the ability and responsibility to choose between right and wrong, and that those who repent of their sin and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ are justified by faith.

We believe that God not only counts the believer as righteous, but that He makes such persons righteous, freeing them from sin’s dominion at conversion, purifying their hearts by faith, perfecting them in love at entire sanctification, and providing for their growth in grace at every stage of spiritual life, enabling them through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to live victorious lives.

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