What if I can’t be present for commitment Sunday?
We have provided an online commitment card for you to fill out if you cannot be there on March 10th. ReOrient Online Commitment Card
If you have the card, you can also mail it in to Keystone Church, 3375 Saline Waterworks Rd. Saline MI 48176.

How does this affect/fulfill our mission?
Loving and Leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ is what we exist to do. This not only means helping believers develop in their faith but also reaching out to those who are not believers by inviting them to church or a conversation.  We want to ensure there are open seats for those who consider attending church. Creating space for people to grow deeper in their faith equips them to make a greater investment in the lives of people outside of the church.
How does expansion impact discipleship/leadership?
Our expansion plan will create space for classes and small groups that can take place throughout the week and on Sunday when there is a particular need. It is difficult for people to attend church on Sundays regularly, let alone find another day to come to church. We want to make it easy for people to attend worship and a class or small group the same morning. We also want to create more dedicated ministry space to effectively love and lead our special needs students and adults.

Are we retiring debt?
YES!  We have maintained a small amount of debt since building our building in 2002 but have been making strides in the past decade to eliminate the debt as quickly as possible. One of the goals of this campaign is to fully pay off our mortgage, freeing up over $70k a year for the sake of investment in church multiplication.

Are we giving any money away? To what?
One of the things that makes Keystone so unique is our generosity with those who are doing God’s work, locally and globally.  Currently, we earmark 20% of all donations to support our denomination as well as local and global ministries. A campaign represents an opportunity for us to be extra-generous, so a portion of the funds we raise during the ReOrient campaign will go to support a small church just getting started in Bangalore, India called Amazing Love Church. An outgrowth of Emerging Young Leaders India (a ministry Keystone has supported for nearly two decades) Amazing Love Church has grown to over 200 people and needs a permanent church home. We plan to add $50,000 to the $25,000 raised from our Christmas Eve offering, to be a blessing to them to buy land and begin building.
What if I can’t give money? Any other ways to help?
Obviously, a main purpose in the campaign is to raise resources to fulfill what God has called us to accomplish. But we realize that people may not be in a position to make a financial gift. We ask that you pray about how you can support the campaign and the goal even if you can’t make a financial gift. God is in charge of your generosity, not us. You can give is your enthusiasm, influence, and prayer to support those involved in this campaign and use your time and talents to serve the church in an area of ministry we already have going.
Who is doing the construction?
The Keystone Leadership Team has begun vetting qualified and experienced teams that can do the construction. Clearly, we will not finalize a company until we know the financial resources we can apply to the project.
How will we separate the giving and reporting of general fund donation from campaign funds?
We are asking those who are giving to the capital campaign do so above and beyond their regular giving to the general fund. They will be able to write a note in the memo field (if writing a check) to indicate how much of their donation is going to each fund. Other gifts can be marked as ReOrient gifts and will be directed to that line item in our account.

When can we begin to give and how long will we give?
Although we are asking for people to make a two-year financial pledge to the campaign, the campaign will take place over the course of three calendar/tax years. Financial gifts can begin as early as February 2019 and will continue until December 2021. There is a tax advantage in that the two-year pledge is spread over three tax years.

Are we fixing the roof in the auditorium?
YES! The original roof design and construction were flawed creating the wonderful popping and cracking sound so familiar to most of us and frightening to those that are new. The project will replace the roof with a silent one.
How are funds going to be managed?
We have a standard process for managing funds which includes bookkeeper oversight, review, and confirmation by our treasurer and detailed reports reviewed and approved by the Keystone Leadership Team. These accounts are also audited each year by our stewardship committee.
How will construction be managed?
A subcommittee from the Keystone Leadership Team along with our Trustees will provide oversight of the construction company and report progress to the Keystone Leadership Team on a monthly basis. If you are aware of any companies you would like to recommend, please contact the church office.
Logistics and timing of the expansion?
The plan is to maintain full functionality during the construction, which will begin as early as Fall 2019 or as late as Spring of 2020, depending on the number of resources raised during the campaign, the speed of approvals and the schedule of the construction company.

Will the Special Needs space change our approach to this ministry?
Keystone believes in and is committed to providing a special needs ministry that meets families and children exactly where they are in their growth and development. We will still provide a 1-to-1 buddy for children and students with special needs so they can remain engaged in our ministry environments along with their peers. But we also want to create dedicated space for specific special needs ministries like Echo Friends (an environment specifically designed for special needs students and young adults). Dedicated space gives us the ability to better craft this environment and also offer it during all our worship experiences.

How did we arrive at these plans?
Discovering that we kept pushing past the 700 mark in attendance but never being able to maintain it was the first clue that something needed to change. To relocate and expand would top $12 million and to add a 500 seat auditorium to our property was in the ballpark of around $6 million. Neither of these options felt right. Going back to the drawing board we discovered that we were permitted to expand our current auditorium, adding 150 seats, which takes us very close to the 500 mark in seating and for less than half the cost of new construction. After sharing these initial plans with you this past spring, the support was there for us to move forward and begin finalizing the plans that are before you today.

Last Spring we were showing plans that totalled 1.9 million in costs but the current plan is 2.5 million. What changed?
In the Spring of 2018, when we first published our rough draft of the plans for feedback and the total project costs were right around 1.9 million. The feedback we received helped us to adjust those plans and there were some additional items that needed to be included as well. Here is the short list:
  1. We added new construction space for offices, small group rooms, and a dedicated space for part of our special needs ministry.
  2. Making any adjustments to our auditorium requires us to add a sprinkler system to be compliant with the fire code. This required an additional expense of approximately $200k because it has to cover much of our building.
  3. We also added a generosity component to our plan, as well as a line item for construction cost inflation, since the project doesn’t have a specific start time as of yet.

Are we positioned for growth?
The reality is that churches nationwide are in steep decline in membership and attendance. Keystone is not following that trend and is over 80% capacity at our 10:30 AM worship experience. Unless we increase the number of seats, our growth will plateau. This is precisely what we have experienced the past few years and experts agree.
What if we don’t reach our goal?
The leadership team has been working on this plan for years and with increased intensity over the past year. Throughout this process, we have been refining the plan and have prioritized the list of what we feel needs to happen to help Keystone accomplish its mission. If we fall short of our goal, we will adjust the plan to meet the highest priority needs first.

What is the best giving pace?
We would recommend making a monthly commitment to the campaign lasting two years in duration. One-time-gifts are wonderful but they do not account for how God may bless over the course of time.

What if I can’t fulfill my pledge?
The Apostle Paul wrote to the young Pastor Timothy that he should warn his church not to “put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain.” Taking a look at the history of the stock market proves that point. If your financial situation changes we would encourage you to go to God in prayer and ask that He provide for the need or provide the wisdom to know how you need to adjust what you pledged.
Will this be the last expansion on this property?
Most likely, yes. Obviously, things change and we can’t always predict what will happen. At the same time, we know that our plans are to grow the Saline location and identify other locations for future campus ministries in other communities. This limits the need for a bigger building here, so an ever-increasing footprint in Saline is not in our plans.
What if we get more than $2.5 million?
After we recover from the amazement, we will take a similar approach to the prospect of not hitting the goal of $2.5 Million. We have refined the current plan to the bare essentials. That process of refinement left some wonderful plans on the cutting room floor and if we receive more than asked, we can add in some of those plans. One thing we promise is that we will be prayerful in our choices and as transparent about our plans as we have been about the plans before you today.
How come 4 services aren’t an option? What about Saturdays?
The reality is that three services have only delayed the inevitable. We have plenty of open seats at the 11:45 am experience, but it will never be a popular option for most people to attend church. The most effective service times are between 9:30 am and 11 am.  Offering a Saturday experience comes at a considerable cost to our volunteer teams. It is helpful to give people options for when they attend but a Saturday night service does not typically create a greater number of volunteers to help serve the increased need.
Do I have to give?
No, you do not have to give. You get to give. We would encourage you to follow the advice of the Apostle Paul, who wrote in 1 Corinthians 9:7 – “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” All we ask is that you go to God with your finances and ask what He would have you give and agree with Him. But please also remember that we are asking that when you give, you give above and beyond your normal generosity to Keystone.
What is the growth trajectory for Keystone?
The growth trajectory is not easy to track. The average church-goer attends church twice-a-month. Although our overall attendance numbers have been on a plateau the past few years, the number of people in small groups has grown by 10% and generosity has grown as well. We are growing, but we also need to grow in frequency.
Are we cutting back on ministry in order to reach this goal?
No! The plans we have made are above and beyond our regular budget and the only impact it will have is in eliminating debt which relieves pressure on our budget.
Does this involve increased staff?
Eventually, but not immediately. As we consider other locations to add a campus, additional staff will become a necessity. The beauty of a campus ministry is that we are duplicating ministry options but the overall cost is lower than if it was an independent church plant.
How will this affect parking?
We will be increasing the parking lot.

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