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ReOrient Update

ReOrient Funds

With $2.6 Million pledged, we are excited to report that we have already received over $579,000 towards our goal. Thanks to everyone who is sacrificing to fulfill your pledge.

Mortgage Pay Down

One of the goals for the campaign was to eliminate our mortgage. With the funds that have already come in, we have been able to pay down our mortgage to $100. We are keeping the $100 in the account because The Wesleyan Investment Foundation (our lending institution) will allow us to use our available credit as a construction loan with a low-interest rate and no additional fees.  In short, we are saving a lot of money and are on track to finish the project debt-free as planned.

Construction Progress

Construction has yet to begin, but we have been busy behind the scenes. We have selected a construction management firm and are finalizing site plans this month.  If the township approves these plans in August, we will begin construction early in the Fall.

More Than Just Money

Raising funds is an essential ingredient to any project of this size, but we also have people sharing their generosity beyond money. Members of Keystone have offered to provide construction equipment, their technical expertise, and trade skills to help complete the project at a reduced cost. Thank you for your generosity!