Hey Special Needs Ministry Volunteers! First, we want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for making others a priority. Thank you for your partnership in not only loving and caring for a special needs child in our environments but also providing their families with the opportunity to worship together or have a respite time knowing their child is in great hands. Below you will find a few resources that we would ask you to use to help sharpen your skills as a buddy.

Volunteer Scheduling & Communication:

One of the most important needs for special needs children and their families is consistency and reliability. We want to be consistent and reliable to them each time they show up at a Keystone worship experience or environment. This requires great communication and consistent follow-through. The link below will take you to our master scheduling document on google docs. You can view the schedule but any changes need to be communicated to the environment leader listed on the top left of each ministry tab.

Google Doc Schedule

If there is a change in your availability, please let the environment leader know and if you have contact with the family of the special needs child, you will need to let them know as well.

Environment Leaders:

  • Waumba Land – Mrs. Pam Enos – 734-717-8614 –
  • UpStreet – Mrs. Lorri Cutler – 650-776-8482 –
  • Echo Friends
    • Mrs. Diane Gilmore – 734-368-0001 –
    • Mrs. Nancy Schmidtke – 734-678-8611
  • Echo Middle School – Pastor Matthew Roberts – 269-475-3749 –
  • Echo High School – Pastor Steve Anderson – 616-262-3006 –

Volunteer Resources:

Here is a volunteer training document created to accompany the video below:

Special Needs Training 11-2016

Special Needs Volunteer Training Session – Password required to view = specialneeds

Special Needs Blogs: