Today we had a LOT of rain.

Midway through the morning we had to cover up the roof, head to the vans, and take an early lunch. Although we spent a lot of time waiting around, we still managed to get a lot done as well as have a lot of fun and students here are really connecting well and laughing together. Click here to view our Facebook photos…


After lunch, one team finished a good part of the deck, while another team cut trusses for the roof team to nail into place. They were then able nail down roof boards before the end of the day.

Perhaps a highlight of the day for a small group of students was spending a while with our homeowner who is confined to bed. It was so touching to see the love her daughter as she cared for her mom and exchanged stories with her. Despite all that is going on around them, they are still able to find joy and hope in the midst of chaos. Last week the homeowner was immediately below a work crew who were tearing up roof trusses and replacing them like we are. According to her daughter, her mom was not phased by the banging and ‘moving’ roof above her.

We asked her how we could be praying for her, so here are some prayer requests:

  • Pray for the work to be completed by the end of the summer. In order for her to stay in the house, it needs to be repaired and renovated sufficiently for the social services to allow her and her daughter to stay.
  • Pray for the homeowners health. She has been confined to a bed for sometime and is in a ‘holding pattern’ with her health.
  • Pray for her daughter and carers and they look after her and constantly look to keep her spirits up.
  • Pray for the crews coming behind us. While we will get most of the roof finished this week, there is a lot of work to do inside the house.

Other things you can pray for:

  • Pray for the students as they focus on our theme for the week which is ‘brokenness.’ “God allows our brokenness for our good and His glory.”
  • Pray for continued community to be built. The students are really bonding well and it’s great to see the togetherness developing!
  • Pray for continued safety as we finish the roof and decks.
  • Pray for more opportunities to minister to the family.
  • Pray for the leaders as they invest in students.
  • Pray for us as we guide 24 people on one site. Sometimes there are ‘down times’ as get jobs ready. Students have been patient as they wait so far 🙂

Thanks for praying for us and the family we are working for. So far, so good. Things are going great and I am so proud of our Keystone students!

Phil <><