Day 3 has been many different things… It’s been good, challenging, slow, fast, hot, humid, and incredible. While we had a lot of waiting around this morning as we built a porch roof, students worked on two decks at the back of the house, built a raised flower garden, and did devotions together. By the afternoon, we seemed to change gears as the roof began to take shape…


Last nights small group times were incredible and students are clearly being challenged by what they are seeing, hearing, and experiencing. It’s a privilege to work alongside these young people. Take a moment to hear from Hannah as she shares from her perspective:

Eyes Opened to Appreciate all that I Have. 

Since I’ve been on the missions trip, my eyes have been opened to the extreme circumstances and poverty that people live with.

There is definitely a large difference between Saline and where we are staying and working at, which I was expecting, but there is a huge difference from expecting and actually seeing. We are so blessed to live in a place like Saline! Where we are working, the lady, Ms. Ann, deals with so much that we don’t have to. You walk in her house and have to step over buckets collecting water through her very broken roof and are confronted by sagging ceilings with insulation falling through. Not only is her house in disarray, she is also bedridden after cancer left her legs unusable. It could easily be one of us in Ms. Ann’s situation, but by an act of we God have been spared her type of struggles and lifestyle. We get to live in a place with fancy homes, nice schools, and simple things like phone service.

I feel like when we grow up in a place like Saline we tend to forget how fortunate we truly are and take things for granted. When you travel across the country to a place like Copperhill, you are confronted by things that challenge how you view your own life. We need to realize that we are indeed extremely blessed to live in such a wonderful place…