Today we finished up our projects! It was a shorter day packed with activity and incredible memories.


The students worked hard to finish up deck stairs, the roof project, cleaning inside the house, and spent some incredible time with Ms. Anne. As you know by now, Ms. Anne is confined to bed and is dependent on her daughter and carers. One thing we discovered about her is that she loves music. During the day, many students visited with her and sang all kinds of songs! She was clearly touched by their fun and energy as she clapped enthusiastically for them.

Perhaps the highlight of our day was being able to pray with her… I am astounding by what God has been doing in these students lives and I was amazed by their faithful praying with Ms. Anne. She and her family were greatly touched by our these young people who prayed so earnestly for them. Parents, you would be proud!

This afternoon the whole group got to go to ‘The Blue Hole Swimming Hole’ swimming. It was a wonderful time with great scenery on the Ocoee River. Students got to laugh, cool off, and relax together. This was followed by dinner at Sonic!


Tomorrow we have a free day before we head home early Saturday morning. We will be doing whitewater rafting, paint ball, high ropes, and horse back riding. In the evening we will be having dinner and then debriefing the trip as a group.

Prayers appreciated for a safe journey home. From now on we will be posting photos on our Facebook Group. (Click here to see the photos).

Phil <><