TN15 Day 3 Worksite Update:

Another great day on the worksite! We got to start hauling all of the trees, brush, and shrubbery to the burn pile down the road, which took much of the day. We also made significant progress on the deck once the materials arrived. It is good to see things coming together. When we first arrived, you could not see the house from the road because of how overgrown everything was. Now, everything is much cleaner and open, and Kelly is very happy with it! We are looking forward to wrapping up our work on the house tomorrow and cleaning out the rest of the crud so that groups working there in the coming weeks can continue serving Kelly and her family.

Tomorrow we work for a half day, and then get to enjoy an afternoon of white water rafting! 🙂

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

In Christ,
Pastor Josh