TN15 Day 4 Update:

Today was our last day on the worksite. We were able to finish Kelly’s deck, and it looks fantastic! We also took down some trees, and continued to clear and haul old sticks, bushes, and brush to the burn pile. Although there is still work to do, Kelly’s yard and property have undergone a major transformation this week! Before leaving the worksite we got to take a group picture with Kelly, and say a prayer for her and her family, as well as for the future groups that will be coming to continue helping her. God has done amazing things through us this week, using us to share and spread his love!

After we left the worksite, we got pizzas for lunch and went to white water rafting. We had a blast! Pictures of our rafting adventure will come later! 😉

In addition to working through us, God has also been at work in us. This evenings message was very powerful. We talked about identifying things in our lives that we need to say “no” to, so that we can say “yes” to Jesus. We also discussed what it means to say “yes” to Jesus and how that impacts how we view God, view ourselves, view other people. Many of our students made commitments to remove some of the barriers that are keeping them from following Jesus more closely, and are committed to saying “yes” to Jesus today, so that He can do big things in and through us tomorrow, and for years to come. Praise God for what He is doing!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

In Christ,
Pastor Josh