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At Keystone, our dream is simple: to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ…

Community Food Drive

Community Food Drive

Keystone is excited to be partnering with Saline Area Social Service and other area churches to do a community-wide food drive to help those in our community when they need it most. See how you can love where you live!

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Jesus came to announce a kingdom that would be available to any and all who wished to be a part of it.

Keystone graphic representing service, because He serves, we serve


Strategic service is placing our heart and hands in the place of greatest demand on both a local and global scale. Generosity…

Keystone Care graphic representing the church's local support projects

Keystone Cares

At Keystone, we actively reach out to respond to the needs in our local community throughout the calendar year.

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GroupLife – the place to build meaningful friendships. Small groups are groups of eight to ten individuals or four to six married couples that meet regularly…