Start Here: Talking To Kids About Following Jesus

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You’ve been there for your child’s first words, first steps, first day of school. Be there for their first steps in following Jesus!

Elementary kids have lots of questions about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, what baptism is all about, and why we take communion. Join Lorri Cutler, the elementary director, for a conversation with you and your kids about these important first steps in their faith journey.

Explaining what God did for us…

We’ll unpack the miracle of John 3:16.  God LOVEs us, so He GAVE us His Son.  If we BELIEVE we can RECEIVE His amazing gift!

Got Questions about Baptism and Communion?

We’ll talk about what baptism and communion is and isn’t.  We’ll try to answer questions about these two steps.  We’ll explain how we do baptisms and communion at Keystone.

One last thing…there might be treats.

After the presentation, the kids can go get a snack while we continue the conversation.  I’ll share some helpful and informative websites, blogs, and podcasts.  (And we’ll make sure to save some treats for you, too!)

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