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At Keystone, loving and leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus isn’t just a local mission; we are called to reach across the street AND around the world! Through our global missions we partner with missionaries, and  Christian organizations to take the gospel globally and engage this generation in God's purposes around the world.



Amy and Tim Taylor and their sons (Keystone members) minister to the poor in the barrio of Christo Rey through a daily feeding program for children who have little food to eat and often live in tiny shacks. For the past several years, teams from Keystone and other churches in the U.S. have assisted with the feeding program, helped construct walls on the property and have built many homes for the residents. Find out more.
For the past several years, Keystone helped support church rebuilding in war-torn Sudan through the international relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse. More recently our funds assisted refugees in Sudan through the same organization. Read more about church rebuilding projects and feeding the hungry in Sudan.


middle east

Keystone collects gift-filled shoeboxes each fall. The shoebox gifts, along with the Gospel message in each child’s language are distributed in the U.S. and around the world to the tune of over 8 million boxes!
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Christians in several areas of the Middle East provide material assistance and emotional support, along with the Gospel of Christ, to the poor, the lonely and the forgotten.


Emerging Young Leaders – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Samuel Balachander (Bala) and his son Aaron teach Christian leadership principles and skills to young people in various cities in their country. They’ve also reached out with their EYL (Emerging Young Leaders) ministry to Sri Lanka, South Africa, Malaysia and several other countries. EYL in India reached thousands of people in 2013. Bala’s wife and daughter-in-law’s ministry, Niriksha Trust, is currently constructing a building which will provide Christian guidance, health services and career skills to young women who are often marginalized. Find them on Facebook.
Khushi Saha provides Christian leadership seminars and pastor conferences through Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) in Dhaka, as well as in the hill country where few pastors get the initial and ongoing training they really need. Funds are used for training materials and provisions for conference attendees who are desperate for Christian teachings. 

Samaritan Children’s Home Medical Clinic – Bangladesh

Wycliffe Translators – Musoma, Tanzania

Keystone supports the doctors and nurses who diagnose and treat the hundreds of children at the Samaritan Children’s Home, as well as many people in the community. Keystone is their primary supporter.
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Mitch and Tara Wimbush and family serve with Wycliffe Translators. Mitch is a vernacular and media specialist, while Tara assists with financial services. They are part of the Mara Cluster Project that is working on translating nine languages to help provide Bibles for approximately 1.6 million people in the Mara region of NW Tanzania. Find out more. Find them on Facebook.